I went to the Britannia Conservation Area on Wednesday June 23, and spent a pleasan summer afternoon there. I carried my trusty Pentax K-3II with Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM super-zoom lens.

I spent two hours with this efficient Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) in my 2 hours he/she caught 8 Brown Bullhead catfish (Ameiurus nebulosus). The heron could careless about spectators, as long as there were catfish in the shallow water of Mud Lake (Britannia Conservation Area) it was happy. I can’t say the catfish were happy.

Heron reflecting
The strike


Sushi & salad

More bullhead


snack number two

nailed it…

splish splash

nictitating membrane still closed.

one more flip

yet another unlucky brown bullhead

The heron finally had it’s fill and flew of with a belly full of brown bullheads.

Darrell Larose
Ottawa, Canada

Darrell Written by:

I am a self confessed techno-geek. While rooted in traditional analog photography, I have embraced the new technologies in photography. I am just as comfortable under the dark cloth of a large-format view camera, as I am with a digital camera. I can produce award winning photographs within the darkroom, or from a digital-desktop. With over 40 years of photography as a both hobby, and over 35 years within the professional arena I have always produced the highest quality product. I am self-taught in the digital media, I have been a PhotoShop user since 1995 (version 2.5) I found the transition fairly seamless due to my long experience in labs. I have been an Internet addict since early 1992. The digital imaging field I feel has opened up more flexibility in the final work, as art, photography and graphic design can all meet. I have worked within various Government photo units, as well as various professional labs. I can easily converse with a police forensic photographer as I can with a wedding sports or commercial photographer. I have worked for several of Ottawa’s top photographers. I have worked at several pro labs. As well as many years in photo retail. In 2007, the Camera Club of Ottawa honoured me by granting me Life Membership within the club. This was to honour all that I have done and still do for the Camera Club of Ottawa. I feel it has been my second home since 1970. Enjoy my website, and my images.

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